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Welcome to Circle-of-Care from Over-The-Rainbow! We are an online destination for you as a Wellness Seeker to begin your journey to mental wellness and holistic wellbeing!  Here, you can access an abundance of self-help and self-healing resources. You can also get adopted by a Guardian Angel if you need ongoing support and guided healing.  Circle-of-Care is where you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, and to give back to the community through participation and volunteering.

At Circle-of-Care, you should know that you are always loved and cared for.

About Over-The-Rainbow

Over-The-Rainbow (OTR) is a mental wellness initiative of the WholeTree Foundation, the family foundation of Yen-Lu & Yee Ling Chow in loving memory of their dear son Lawrance H. Chow. Our main mission at OTR is to create the Circle-of-Care - with the self at the centre - supported by family, friends, community, healthcare professionals, and wellness experts. We wish to empower the individual with self-help and self-healing tools and strategies, while providing the care and support network necessary to overcome the many challenges in life. Mental wellness and personal wellbeing is a journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation – in self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-actualization – towards happiness and wellbeing. 

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Over-The-Rainbow Launched First-of-its-Kind Circle-of-Care Ecosystem



logo_path-01-low.jpg PRESS RELEASE

Over-The-Rainbow Launched First-of-its-Kind Circle-of-Care Ecosystem 

Initiative aimed at strengthening support for those seeking mental wellness

Singapore, 30 October 2015 – Over-The-Rainbow (OTR) today launched Circle-of-Care, a first-of-its-kind online platform for mental wellness and holistic wellbeing.

Circle-of-Care (CoC) will be the first system of its kind in the world to address the issue of mental wellness and personal wellbeing holistically and systemically, by taking a community-based approach. Healthcare professionals, wellness experts, and alternative healers all form a part of the CoC ecosystem. The platform also features Guardian Angels, volunteers who are trained in the basic skills of mentoring, coaching and counselling to support seekers on their mental wellness journey.

At CoC, a wellness seeker can get access to an abundance of self-help and self-healing resources, participate in wellness activities such as yoga and meditation, as well as get adopted by a Guardian Angel for ongoing support and guided healing – all from a single place. 

These self-help resources cover a broad spectrum of topics in mental health and holistic wellness – and put them at the seeker’s fingertips for easy access and motivation to make mental wellness a life priority. They include information on a variety of mental health conditions and self-help tips, “way to wellness” strategies and tools aimed at helping the seeker to attain mental wellness, happiness and wellbeing.

Over-The-Rainbow was founded by husband and wife Yen-Lu and Yee Ling Chow in 2012, in memory of their beloved son who ended his own life six years ago after suffering from manic depression for many years. Their mission is to transform mental wellness for the 21st century, and empower young people in their mental wellness and personal wellbeing journey, to overcome life challenges, and lead a happier and healthier life.

Yen-Lu Chow said: “Mental health is a clear and urgent issue in modern day society. Research has shown that fully one in four young people in the western world suffer from some form of mental health issues while growing up[1]. Here in Singapore, youth suicides and attempted suicides have gone up steadily over the years, with the 20 to 29 age group showing the most dramatic increase, while 22% of Singapore children think about suicide[2]. It was also revealed that one in four young people age 18 to 24 in Singapore exhibit one or more symptoms of depression[3]. Meanwhile, WHO has projected that by 2030, neurological diseases, including mental disorders, will be the leading cause of disability and mortality worldwide. To address this issue in Singapore and beyond, we developed the Circle-of-Care as a complete ecosystem for all wellness seekers to access self-help and guided self-healing resources, a place where they can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, and to give back to the community through participation and volunteering.”

He added: “We have curated many online resources including ‘Help Guides’ related to Emotional Health, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Stress; we also provide seekers with “Way to Wellness” tools and strategies to help them achieve mental wellbeing. People can also access offline wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, natural healing therapies, and the creative arts. If professional intervention is needed, we can recommend and link those in need to the appropriate experts who can best assist them on this journey.”

Also present at the launch was Dr. Christopher Cheok, Vice Chairman Medical Board (National Addictions Management Service), Institute of Mental Health (IMH), who gave a keynote speech on “Mental Heath for the Millions – the Promise of e-Health”. 

Dr Cheok, who is also Senior Consultant psychiatrist and a visiting consultant to the Singapore Armed Forces and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, said: “Mental health issues affect many in society. More than 70% of those with mental health problems do not seek help with a professional. New channels of delivering mental health care will benefit those who need help but do not wish to see a professional. Circle-of-Care is an initiative that forms an integral part of a person’s total care in mental health particularly in prevention, early intervention and recovery.”

The CoC online platform (URL: http://coc.overtherainbow.sg) will go live on 7 November 2015. 


About Over-the-Rainbow:

Over-The-Rainbow is a non-profit organisation set up in 2012 to promote and raise awareness on youth mental wellness. It is a one-stop hub for youth mental wellness – by empowering youths with practical hands-on wellness strategies. OTR also provides information, assistance, and support to youths suffering from mood disorders, namely depression and manic depression, and their caregivers. For more information, please visit www.overtherainbow.sg  

Media Contact:

Yeoh El Lynn | Real Effect | ellynn.yeoh@realeffect.com.sg | M: +65 8100 2110                             

[1] Australia’s BeyondBlue, UK’s Mental Health Foundation

[2] Samaritans of Singapore

[3] Based on a 2015 survey conducted by EmbraceD