Our Guardian Angels

The OTR Guardian Angels are your online Mental Wellness & Personal Wellbeing Life Coach who can help Wellness Seekers by:
  • being a buddy – with a attentive listening ear, caring compassionate heart, and open non-judgmental mindset;
  • providing a guiding hand – as coach, counsellor mentor;
  • as a mental wellness concierge - securing the help of the right wellness expert / intervention at the right time.
All of our Guardian Angels are volunteers who have received basic training in the areas of mentoring, coaching, counselling, and psychological first aid.

Featured Guardian Angels:

Angel En.

Angel En enjoys working with people. She has had more than 10 years of working experience in Human Resources, spending most of her career building talent, and managing human resources. However, now, she is a trained Counselor, holding a Masters of Arts in Counseling. Her experience is culminated through a wide-spectrum of work with children, youth, and their families across a range of mental health and behavioral issues. Her mission in life is to impact lives; to bring healing to the hurting, to journey with those whose lives are broken, toward rebuilding of lives and giving each one a hopeful future through counseling and care. She believes in harnessing each individual’s potential toward greater growth, wholeness and life.  


Arael finds joy in providing support and being a listening ear to others around her. She believes that every individual is unique, and deserves to be heard, respected, and treated with dignity. Arael strongly believes that every individual has the inner strength and potential to overcome life’s obstacles; this innate drive pushes one to strive for a fulfilling, meaningful life. Through unconditional acceptance and a nonjudgmental stance, she hopes to provide a safe space for one to realize his/her strengths and grow as a person. 


Azrael has come a long way from where it is today. Azrael cannot claim to have all the answers, nor be able to help everyone. But what Azrael has is the sincerity, the willingness to be real, and to be present with another. Guided by passion, authenticity and freedom, Azrael walks the way on Earth. Things valued include: connections-relationships, growth and wisdom. Azrael seeks the way home, while understanding humanity; seeking and understanding the purpose of life. Azrael believe one can serve by asking questions; to encourage people to question, and not accept the status quo. Movement is medicine. Movement is freedom. Azrael also feels strongly for proper closures, death, acceptance, old age, healing. Azrael seeks to works with grief and loss.


Dawn has had a year of training as a professional counsellor. She believes that within each of us, we have inner resources and strengths that we may not be aware of. These inner resources provide the resilience that help us navigate life's many trials and tribulations, get us through the storms of life. Dawn believes that though her own experiences, and her own tribulations, she will be able to empathise, listen without judgement, give unconditional acceptance, while holding your hand as you make your own journey to self awareness, recovery and healing.  She also wants to help you to discover your own strengths so you can heal yourself and in turn help others.


Nightingale is a twenty-something human bean, still growing and feeling her way through life. She doesn’t have all the answers, but she is a good listener. And sometimes that’s all we really need — someone willing to listen. Nightingale believes that every individual matters and deserves to be treated with dignity. Many of us wish to be our best self, but that means we have to shine some light into our darker sides as well. Nightingale's hope is that this platform and community will help create a more empathetic, egalitarian, and empowered world. 

Rainbow Gardener.

Rainbow Gardener has worked in the technology, media, and venture capital industries for almost 35 years. A former Apple Distinguished Technologist, Rainbow Gardener is a successful entrepreneur, an active angel investor and company builder, having spent many years mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and helping young businesses to grow. Rainbow Gardener understands the importance of mental wellness as a life priority. He believes that every young person has a voice, an innate gift, a deeply-held aspiration - that needs to find creative self-expression. And when we nurture the seeds of these innate gifts with attention, acceptance, and love - and by providing the right environment, and giving it purpose - these seeds sprout and grow, and the soul with its deepest aspirations finds fulfilment. Everyone can embark on this journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, to attain happiness and wellbeing.


Sariel is a versatile, enthusiastic and energetic individual who finds fulfilment in helping others. Sariel has more than 10 years of corporate experience in multinational IT companies holding various roles such as sales and marketing, business development and operations at both regional and global levels. Given the wide spectrum of roles and exposure, Sariel has honed skills in handling different personalities, cultures and situations. Sariel has always been known as a reliable, trustworthy, people-oriented person who is able to build rapport effortlessly. Sariel is zealous in bringing about wonderful and meaningful changes in people who want to see improvement in living their lives and empowering themselves with the ability to overcome roadblocks or obstacles. Sariel believes everyone needs that mental and/or emotional boost once a while in life. Be it emotional issues, life's challenges, coping with stress or anxiety, Sariel hopes to be able to provide the strength and guidance that one needs to get through the rough patch in life.

Steady Rock.

Steady Rock is like a rock in the ocean. Safe and Strong. She is a entrepreneur and coach and helps people reconnect back to their sense of purpose and meaning in life. Like most rocks, she has seen the worst of stormy storms and the best of all ocean sunsets and loves to take everything that life provides with a pinch of salt - the good, bad and ugly. Standing tall and strong, Steady Rock is really soft and warm on the inside. She offers herself as a mirror to you, to be able to see all that you never thought you had. And as you look into the mirror, feel the sense of wonder and delight and discover yourself  and the rock in you, all over again.


WildSeed is an artist and enjoys painting in spare time. WildSeed's held a number of art exhibitions both solo and group. WildSeed also conducts creative drawing workshops for children and young people to help them discover their inner feelings and connect with their own emotions and creativity. WildSeed is an avid yoga practitioner and has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years, and is now a certified yoga instructor. WildSeed is grateful for having found yoga. WildSeed believes that the purpose of yoga is to unite the body and mind and breathing. Yoga can set us free from our obstacles. Yoga practice combines with the yogic breathing can release stress, calm the mind, improve health, thus bring peace, joy and harmony to one’s life. WildSeed currently teaches Yoga Breathing and Relaxation at the OTR Wellness Space and in private lessons - to help other de-stress and to live a healthy and happy life!

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